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ATH Series

ATH Series

Alumina tri-hydrates for filled applications – ACS offers three grades of ATH, each with its own unique properties.

Designed to meet the needs of the cultured marble and solid surface industries, the ATH Series offers three grades of alumina tri-hydrate including the NEW AC-25BSP, a bayer grade, and Onyx Pro.

Onyx Pro 25

After months of development in working directly with an ATH resource, ACS is pleased to offer the new Onyx Pro 25. With a 95% whiteness factor, a below 30 mesh bi-modal particle size distribution, and low resin demand, users of Onyx Pro 25 will achieve excellent performance while maintaining a competitive price. This product has the best thermal cycle results of any solid surface grade ATH we have tested.

Onyx Pro 50

Onyx Pro 50 is a very clear white grade of alumina tri-hydrate with high translucency, excellent gel times, and low resin consumption. There is no brown or yellow cast with Onyx Pro 50, making it the ideal cultured onyx filler.

Bayer Grade

ACS supplies a bayer grade alumina tri-hydrate, with an average particle size of 25 microns and excellent air release characteristics. The standard color of this grade of bayer grade ATH is off-white.


Call Now, 1-800-669-9214, with your color information or send us a sample and let our color experts create a custom color to meet your needs.